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Today TTPM is reviewing Crossbody Parent Bag and Gift Set, both from Anjie + Ash. A simple, functional, and stylish bag for both moms and dads; and a gift set with mealtime favorites and a stylish teething necklace. See more in this video review.

Parent Bag & Gift Set From Anjie + Ash Full Video Test
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Product Info: A simple, functional, and stylish bag. The Parent bag has a crossbody design that makes it easy to carry, especially when you need your hands free. It has the right space to fit just what you need plus a couple of drinks.

The Anjie + Ash Gift Set comes with a bib, a bowl, a spoon, and a teething neckless.

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Parent Bag & Gift Set From Anjie + Ash Full Video Test
For full review and shopping info►

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