Moms Review – Chicco Duo Perfect Balance Bottles and Intui-Latch Nipples 2021 | TTPM Baby Review

Today TTPM is reviewing Duo Perfect Balance Bottles and Duo Intui-Latch Nipple from Chicco. A bottle that combines the purity of glass and the strength of plastic and a nipple that promotes a natural and secure latch. The bottle is breakproof and lightweight and the nipple has 3 different stages of flow. See more in this video review. For full review and shopping info►

Product Info: The Duo Intui-Latch Nipple promotes a natural and secure latch and has 3 different stages of flow. The Duo Perfect Balance Bottles combine the purity of glass and the strength of plastic. It is break-proof and lightweight.
The Duo Intui-Latch Nipple promotes a natural and secure latch and has 3 different stages of flow. The nipple has a shape that positions the baby’s tongue and lips for a natural, intuitive latch. It offers a breast-like flow and texture. While the skin-like texture helps the baby stay latched. The Duo Perfect Balance Bottle combines the wellness benefits of pure glass and the convenience of plastic in one bottle. The Chicco Duo uses a technology that bonds an inner layer of glass to a plastic outer layer. The result is a baby bottle that is break-proof, lightweight, and long-lasting.

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