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Today TTPM is reviewing  Fit4 4-In-1 Convertible Car Seat from Chicco, a car seat designed to deliver premier child fit and comfort at each unique stage. See more in this video review! 

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Product Info: The Fit4 4-In-1 Convertible Car Seat from Chicco makes it easy to correctly secure your child from birth through big kid-booster for ultimate comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. It features a FitKit System with optimal fit and comfort through multi-staged construction and easy-to-remove layers, providing more room to grow through each unique stage. The DuoGuard side-impact protection offers two layers of protection with a steel-reinforced frame and EPS energy-absorbing foam that surrounds the head and torso, while the 10-position headrest and nine recline positions accommodate maximum growth.

It’s Always Something, Part Two

This is sequel of a 2 part series concerning the individuality of our very first granddaughter’s idea processes. I reminisce about her very early years as well as sum up by explaining her present accomplishments.

It’s Always Something, Part One

This is the very first of a 2 part tale regarding our initial grandchild. It was a joyous event for us and we soon learned what an unique method of checking out the globe.

Tips for Buying a Baby Clipper for Your Baby

When it concerns trip or cut the hair of youngsters, it proves to be very challenging because they do not continue to be in a still placement and also keep moving their head constantly. Thanks to modern technology, we have actually progressed hair clippers for children, which can do this job quickly. They are soundless and portable and also they do the work safely and conveniently.

Singing in the Library

Discipline was not as well strict in the grammar college as the majority of the students were smart and also thinking about researching, yet the policies existed as well as adherence was anticipated. As in all schools, the repeatedly bad children seemed to lead a charmed life, repeatedly escaping punishment, while the periodic lapse by an or else obedient pupil was inevitably punished. That’s what happened to me for singing the then preferred track regarding filling 16 loads of number 9 coal.

Playing During Childhood: Clap for the Baby Lizard

Not desiring anything to do with the negligence of the other kids, Chijioke determined to enter into the bush. It was a tiny yam bush behind the backyard wall surface of his family house. Had his parents, particularly his papa Idoh, seen him they would have scolded him or perhaps used the long whip, which Idoh liked to conceal behind his broad back, for intimidating the lives of the recently grown yam tubers.

4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat from Chicco Full Recommendation
For full review and shopping info► https://amzn.to/3kDAm2b

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